Food stuff of India

[ad_1] Several of us affiliate Gujarat only with dhokla, khakra or the drool-worthy Gujarati Thali. But there is more to Gujarati food items than that. North Gujarat, Kacch, Kathiyawad and Surti Gujarat are 4 important areas of Gujarat and each of these convey their have uniqueness to Gujarati delicacies. 1. Khaman The Sponge Snack Khaman, […]

Fat Food Tax to Pay For Health Care? A Modest Proposal – Pros and Cons

[ad_1] Obesity, which contributes to several health problems like cancer, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure has become epidemic and affects nearly half the U.S population. The number of obese people has doubled since 1985, which has led to a 30% increase in health premiums. The overall financial costs of obesity are greater than those […]

How Food items Influences Mood

[ad_1] Absolutely everyone can advantage from comprehending how meals impacts our temper “Enable food stuff be thy medicine and drugs be thy foodstuff,” wrote the eminent Greek doctor Hippocrates during the dawn of western medicine. We took his guidance. 1000’s of yrs later we use chicken soup to nourish our bodies, but we concern irrespective […]