The Factors of the Meals We Try to eat: Fat

[ad_1] Varieties OF Fat Shockingly, there is no specific definition of the phrase ‘fat’. The phrase is normally applied to foodstuff that are naturally fatty in mother nature, greasy in texture and immiscible in drinking water. Noticeable examples are butter and spreads (Flora, Mono, Clover, and so forth.), cooking oils, the fatty sections of meat […]

Fat Food Tax to Pay For Health Care? A Modest Proposal – Pros and Cons

[ad_1] Obesity, which contributes to several health problems like cancer, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure has become epidemic and affects nearly half the U.S population. The number of obese people has doubled since 1985, which has led to a 30% increase in health premiums. The overall financial costs of obesity are greater than those […]