About Us

Making Healthcare Better

El Diario De Carlota is the top provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to enhance healthcare by implementing a cycle of continuous improvement across all of our tests, scans, evaluations, and treatments. More than three million individuals had a test, scan, or treatment from us in the past year, with the majority being NHS patients and service users.

Our adaptable and dynamic approach assists our clients in overcoming some of their most urgent obstacles. We increase accessibility by providing our services from over 850 locations, the majority of which are accessible community places. By offering services that are safe, effective, responsive, and compassionate, we hope to contribute to the UK’s healthcare sector and enhance patient outcomes.

Our mission & Values

Our objective is to be the chosen provider of high-quality diagnostics and healthcare solutions in hospitals and accessible community settings by 2025, serving 5 million patients at 1,000 sites.

Our Values:

  • Trust
  • Passion
  • Care
  • Fresh Thinking