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We think that excellent health contributes to great social and economic consequences — for the person and for society as a whole. https://backyardleisureguys.com/

Welcome to El Diario De Carlota

The leading specialised provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions in the United Kingdom is El Diario De Carlota.

Enhancing the quality of medical care is one of our primary focuses.

We accomplish this by collaborating with hospitals and commissioners located within the NHS as well as the independent sector.

A Wide Range of Healthcare Services

El Diario De Carlota offers diagnostic and healthcare services to the National Health Service and private providers. Through our spectrum of Radiology Services, Pathway Services, and Screening Services, we see over 3 million patients annually in the United Kingdom.

Our major objective is to improve healthcare by delivering a speedy and precise evaluation of each patient’s condition, so enabling expert doctors to administer the appropriate therapy promptly and efficiently.

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Breast Screening

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Diabetic Eye Screening


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